Favourite location, same direction – Part 2

Following on from the previous post, where I walked part of the London Loop, I decided that I would walk round the reserve before heading home. I still find it really interesting to see how different the marshes look each time I visit and I generally get the chance to see something different as well as the regular sightings. This turned out to be a visit to remember as I was to get my first ever opportunity to photograph a kestrel in the wild as I had not one, not two but three sightings.  Not only did the kestrels do a fly by a couple of times, one in particular (the third one) appeared to be almost posing for the camera. I simply couldn’t believe my luck.

I started by watching from a few metres so as not to disturb it and took a few shots, which, having not photographed one in the wild before I felt were brilliant. However, after about 5 minutes or so of watching, I realised I had the opportunity to get the trademark hover from below, so I moved in closer. I can’t begin to explain how I felt getting the opportunity to experience this so close up or how thrilled I am with the shots I have included below.

After seeing that, I could have happily gone home but, as I continued my walk I spotted how the light was changing and figured I could use it to my advantage capturing the wildlife and the reeds with a nice was glow. A lovely end to a brilliant day.

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