Favourite Video Friday: HDR Processing

HDR is something that I have tried only a couple of times since I started photography and has always been something I have an ‘uncertain’ view on. However, as time has gone on, I have begun to realise that it is some of the processing techniques that I don’t like opposed to the actual concept. So, with me visiting Warley Place in Brentwood earlier this week, I thought it would be a good time to try to do it properly making it the ideal topic for this weeks video.

Which video and why did I choose it?

Typing HDR processing was potentially the worse thing I could have done – there are literally 1000’s so I decided to narrow down my search to include Lightroom and Photomatix. The second of these (Photomatix) seems to be the go-to program for HDR and having used a trial version before thought if I was to do it properly, I would purchase the full version. So, after returning from my trip, I set about uploading my bracketed images (one darker than normal, one brighter than normal and one which was between the two) and finding a video to help me get the most out of my images.


The video that I chose was created by Serge Ramelli and focused mostly on using Photomatix. What I thought was particularly good was how clearly it was presented and how the step by step processes were discussed. Ideal for someone new to this area of photography. It opens with the original 3 images, then moves onto how to combine them, and then how to process them – the key part of this being that nothing is done to the images before putting them into Photomatix. This was something that I hadn’t realised in my past attempts, but having now done it this way, it is clear that this is what can give it the ‘wow’ factor. Towards the end of the video, Serge takes the HDR image in other programs (Adobe Bridge/Photoshop) to apply further finishing touches. It is safe to say that having followed the video, I feel I have got the best out my images. I will be releasing a more in-depth post about Warley Place (run by Essex Wildlife Truct) next week but in the meantime, here is the process for one of the images.

Should you wish to watch the video, you can do by clicking here.

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