Happy 2nd Birthday to…… CADEPhotographic

Unbelievably, two years have gone by since I set out on the adventure of CADEPhotographic and wow, how it has changed.

Looking back to my opening post, my aim was to use this blog as an outlet for day to day photography, do a few posts a month and discover other photographers. However, where I have go to now is a ‘regular blogger,’ who uses it to create regular features, showcase my best images and talk more openly about my interests and skills in photography. While this is not what I had in mind back in 2014, the change has been natural and I hope that it continues that way.

This said, there have definately been some highlights during this second year. I loved photographing and processing the smoke images featured back in May as well as shooting my first event as the official photographer in August. However, the stand out moment has to be getting to photograph the amazing scenery and architecture in Rome. Even now, 6 months later those images are still hard to beat and remain some of my favourites. 2016 has already brought some fantastic moments already with my exhibition in February and my images of Warley Place being featured by the Essex Wildlife Trust.

So whats next for CADEPhotographic, for that we will have to wait and see……

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