One Photo Focus: May

This month saw the me get the opportunity to edit an image which was originally captured by Julie Powell.

The initial image:

When I saw the initial image this month, I have to say I wasn’t too sure what to think apart from I reckon this is going to be a real challenge. As it turned out though, it was to become what I feel is one of my most creative images yet.

The editing process:

My first steps followed the usual routine of auto correct, contrast/saturation etc however, when it came to the cropping part I found myself drawn to the middle section of the image. This meant that the foreground tree would be removed completely to leave only the house and the other tree. This led to me thinking outside the box and after playing around with distortion tools, created the curved effect that I was after.

Having decided that I would be going for a quirky edit, I set about changing the colours and getting them to pop like an animation film style. Some of the colours lended themselves to this style very easily but others (such as the yellow grass) required some extra work to get the effect I was after. The middle image of the 3 below was originally my final edit however, after a few day’s I revisited it and realised just how much potential it had so after exporting it to Photoshop Elements, I created a mirrored version and used layers to get the final image shown below.

Will I be doing this (style of editing) again?

It is worth noting that I have no idea how I settled on this as it is so far from my normal method. Some of you may think it is a very weird image, others may well like it. I will let you decide……

If this has inspired you to get involved in the One Photo Focus Series (and I hope it has), you can few the other entries here, and find out the details here.

Oh, and one final thing, next month’s post is going to be a little bit special……

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