One Photo Focus: June

As I eluded to at the end of last months post, this one would be a little bit special. Why? Well because I had the opportunity to have one of my images edited by a range of photographers.

Choosing the initial image:

Getting this opportunity was great, however what would be my chosen image? Having looked through my Lightroom files, I opted for one that I took a few months back and could really work out what to do with.

Editing my own image:

One of the great things about the One Photo Focus project, is you don’t know anything about why the image was taken, which makes you look at it differently. This made it rather tricky to come up with an edit that wasn’t like my own style. With that in mind, I decided that I would just apply a couple of presets and see which one I felt was best. You can see which one I decided on, as well the edits from other photographers here.

Would I want my image edited again?

I am certainly looking forward to seeing all the edits, so I would have to say yes.

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