The Queens Flypast

The weekend was pretty special for a few reasons, but one of the highlights had to be seeing the Queens Flypast from my balcony.

I had decided in the morning that if I was to stand a chance of seeing it, I had to plan which meant reading about the timing schedule, the direction they would be coming from and using a couple of maps to determine the way to look. I also knew that I would require a fair bit of patience as well as lot of co-operation from the weather. Disappointingly, the cloud and rain seemed to be set in for the whole day, but as it edged closer to the time of arrival, the sky began to clear slightly.

As the end of the ‘ timing window’ that I had read about approached, I wondered if I may have got it all wrong. Was I looking in the right direction? Had I somehow missed them? Then, just as I was about to give up, I spotted, in the distance the first section of the flypast – four helicopters. I was ecstatic – but it was about to get even better. I figured that the rest of the flypast would be coming in the same direction, but what I didn’t expect was that they would be flying so low over the Romford area. It was a truly incredible sight and while these images are not the best I’ve ever taken, it was an experience too good not to share.

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