Seeing the trees from the wood

Earlier this week I paid a visit to a place which I had never heard of and had therefore never been to, Dagnam Park. I’m not sure why I haven’t heard about it before now as it is only 20 minutes from where I live, but I am so pleased that I went. There was main reason for going, which will remain a secret until a follow up post in a few days time, but what I also noticed was that apart from a couple of woodlands, there were a large number of trees that stood alone, providing a simple, yet effective composition. While what I’m about to say may seem a little weird, I have always wanted to photograph trees in this way. I used to frequently drive past a field which had a row of singular trees which always made for the perfect photo but due to lack of parking, alongside the A12 and unable to be reached on foot it will remain a shot that never was. Anyway, back to Dagnam Park.

Although I knew that there would be some subjects to photograph, I didn’t expect the open space that greeted me on my arrival. It was an opportunity that unlike the previous anecdote, it had parking, in a quiet area and reachable on foot. It is worth saying that at this point that I didn’t have any intention of turning them into a blog post but after shooting them from a few different angles and really considering what I wanted to achieve in the images, I felt the need to.

Sometime simple, can be highly effective. Would love to know your thoughts.

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