HDR Processing without preparation.

As you may have noticed, the majority of my recent blog posts have featured the use of HDR (read about what this is here) and while this is something that hasn’t always appealed to me, having time to get to grips with it a little more has meant I am starting to see the true potential of it for both colour and black and white images. The post last friday, where I applied HDR to a single image gave me the idea of seeing how else this could be applied so after going through some past and more recent images, I chose the ones you see below to experiment with. Each set of three features a straight out of camera image, followed by a simple edit and then the final HDR image.

The Heron and the Woodland

I have always liked both of these images however, I have never realised just how much colour and detail could be brought in them with a more complex editing process. As you will have noticed the originals were quite lac-lustre and in order to get more detail in the grey feathers of the heron, I needed to brighten it, losing other parts of the image. Likewise with brightening the woodland, I lost the sky. These reasons made both of these images perfect for seeing the impact of HDR on an image which was not originally intended to be processed in this way.

As you will have noticed from the first set of images, through applying HDR in a sympathic way to the original subject can lead to much greater impact while still maintaining what I believe is a natural feel. So I leave you with this challenge, take a look at the three cornfield images and have a think about if it is create from one image or three or five. I would love to know your thoughts…


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