St Albans Cathedral

Last week, I spent a few hours in St Albans and having not been there before I was unsure how many photographic opportunities there would be. However, as I’m sure all photographers do, I took my camera ‘just incase’.

Aside from the many cafes and shops, St Albans Cathedral was by far the highlight of my visit. It’s large scale (both structurally and historically) made allowed for ideal photographic angles and with the sun shining in through various stained glass window, the colour and detail of the cathedral could be captured in all its glory. It wasn’t easy though to get the shots that I was after as as lovely it was to have the sun, it created some high contrasting areas meaning I had to decide which setting would work best for the environment. After a few shots which were either too noisy or too blurry due to hand held longer exposures, I decided to change tactic and go for shooting images in groups of 3 and at different exposures so that I could work out which one was best at a later stage.

As you may have worked based on the contrast issue mentioned earlier, the shots you see above have been reached by a series of processes which combine my new found appreciation of HDR and further editing in Lightroom afterwards. In my mind, this has really helped to bring out the true essence of the cathedral.

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