Autumn at Rainham

Due to work commitments, it has been very tricky to take any new images for some time, so finally getting the opportunity to go out was very welcome. My inital plan was to find some woodland as with Autumn starting to create some wonderful colours, it seemed to be the obvious thing to do. For one reason or another, I just could work out where would be best but after some time realised that there is a woodland area at my favourite marshes. However, although the woodland did provide some photographic opportunities, I didn’t expect the reserve in generally to do the same.

Heading along a newly swept path, I was unsure if I would actually get to see autumnal colours and the crunchy leaves that are a true indicator that it has arrived. However, as I continued my walk, going beyond the woodland, I started to realise that there were lots of other opportunites, which led to me getting the images you see above. It’s safe to say that after the disappointing lack of options in the woodland, the surprise of Autumn being on show in the reeds, was a very welcome surprise.

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