A new chapter for CADEPhotographic

Good morning, hope you all had a brilliant time seeing in 2017.

As has become traditional for me, and I’m sure for some of you too, I use the new year to reflect on what has been and what may come along in the next 12 months. You may already have some plans in place as you read this – I certainly do – but more on that in a bit.

As part of my reflection on the past year, I decided to look back over this blog and see how my photography had changed. In truth, my style hadn’t changed, however my style of posting had and as the year drew to a close, the last couple of months saw very little in the way of detailed posts. It is with that in mind – along with some very exciting personal events which are coming up – that the format of this blog is changing.

In the main, things won’t alter too much however, posts will be very much image focused opposed to detailed posts relating to planning and processing, with images generally taking on the format of Black and White Wednesdays. This will also be helped along by Project 52, where a theme is set each week and you get to interpret it in anyway you like. So why make this change?

_mg_9243Well, it’s going to be a rather exciting year for me as not only will I be buying my first house and planning my 30th Birthday, I will also be getting married to my wonderful fiancée Liz in the summer. As some of you may well be aware, one of these alone takes a lot of time, but both together will probably leave me with very, very little time for much else. So, if you have been a keen follower, please keep visiting and if you are new, welcome, you join CADEPhotographic at the start of an exciting new chapter. I promise to make sure at least some images aren’t wedding/house related!

Here’s to an exciting and fantastic 2017!

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