Black and White Wednesdays: Clarinet Keys


  (Taken on phone and edited in Lightroom)

Project 52: Week 3 – Negative Space

The topic for week three was Negative Space.

This refers to the area that is not the main subject in an image and/or helps to define the positive and negative areas of it. Due to being able to interpret the topics in any way, I did consider photographing a film negative and merging it with an image of stars, however I wanted to try and be true to the task.


Therefore I dramatically edited an image from last week’s trip to Cliveden House, creating a complete black outline at the bottom of the image, making it look like the trees and the statue were either cut out of the sky line or placed on top of it. Obviously neither are true but it’s an interesting thought, don’t you think?

Black and White Wednesdays: Cliveden House


Taken on Saturday making it perfect for this weeks post. (click for full size)

Black and White Wednesdays: Midweek Wine

_mg_9884No more needs to be said about this week.

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